Twinkle toes

I need you to picture a sound in your head. I know it’s weird to ask you picture something audible, but I’m not sure how else to ask you to do this. “I need you to hear a sound in your head that’s not really there” seems like I might be encouraging some form of schizophrenia and we certainly don’t need any new diagnoses.

Okay…I need you to picture a cartoon tiny Chihuahua or poodle and think of I t walking on its tippy toes. Now add the sound. It’s like a tinkle, tinkle sound that sounds like “dink, dink, dink”. If you really want to hear what I’m referring to, a sound clip can be found at: 

Are you with me? Can you see the tiny dog prancing by making a tinkling sound? Oh gosh….not a “tinkling sound” in an expelling urine kind of way but a dainty little ringing noise. I tend to overexplain, don’t I? (20+ years in the classroom will do that to you.)

Alright. I’m not even kidding when I tell you this. I literally hear that sound in my head (I hope that’s not some kind of precursor to schizophrenia…but it’s a sound, not voices, right?) or have to try to imitate it any time I see a tiny dog walking by. It’s seriously a wonder I can think straight, because my house is actually overrun with tiny dogs who each have  their very own special sound effects in my head. If I’m out shopping and see someone with a tiny dog, I think “dink, dink, dink, dink” and kind of crack myself up. Maybe this originated from some cartoon when I was little, I’m honestly not sure. But I love thinking of this sound because it always makes me smile. 

Well, awhile back I shared this little detail with my best friend, Amy. God love her, she didn’t even bat an eyelash and immediately accepted that this is the sound all tiny animals should make. We have even discussed the fact that there are a few other animals who should have “twinkle toes”; like foxes and raccoons. They’re pretty nimble and kind of prancy with their feet. On the other hand, a hippopotamus or an alligator would never qualify for twinkle toe status. 

Now for the BEST part! While shopping with Amy (I know.,,it seems like that’s all we do. It kind of is.) I found the CUTEST necklace made from the end of an antique piece of silverware. The hollow end was then made into a tiny bell! I was spellbound by these tiny bells and took my time ringing each one until I found the perfect “tinkle”. The shop employees were smiling at me in a way that made me think they maybe didn’t understand the importance finding the perfect tinkle sound and also that maybe they were making plans to move these little treasures further away from the register. Anyway, I eventually found the perfect one and bought it, and when the fancy lady at the register went to put it in a box, I told her I really just wanted to put it on and I did. 

Guess who’s got real twinkle toes now, people? It was so fabulous that I had to really fight the urge to prance down the sidewalk! Amy told me I could if I wanted to, but I decided that might’ve scared people, I’m not dainty by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m more of a happy klutz who trips on her own feet. But now I at least sound delicate and fancy when I walk and I figure that’s enough. 

Dink. Dink. Dink. Dink.

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