My special unicorn 

This is my pet unicorn. Her name is Fiona. Honesty, I kind of want to be her. Not even kidding. I love her for so many reasons, but here are just a few:

-Fiona is always expecting something great! Just look how she peers into that cup with happy anticipation! She is hopeful. 

– Fiona is hanging on for dear life with just  her two front hooves and she doesn’t even look stressed out. She is strong in the face of adversity. Go, Fiona! 

-Fiona has pastel colored rainbow hair. Not everyone can pull that off but it looks splendid on her.  She is daring and beautiful. 

-Fiona has an iridescent horn that makes her look magical, but also sends the message that she could gore you if you cross her. Fiona knows how to set boundaries without ever having to say a word. 

-Fiona makes my morning coffee into a celebration. She celebrates with me the fact that I got up and am facing the day. She appreciates small victories. 

So if you see me prancing in my yard wearing a horn, just cheer me on. I’m trying to be more like Fiona! 

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