Kitchen table


I have no clue what it is about my table but there’s definitely something magical going on underneath there. It is THE coveted condo of cats, dogs, and small children.Spiders  probably like it too, but I just can’t allow my mind to go there or we’ll be adding one more issue to my list of issues.  Cats and dogs get along when they’re sitting in there. No hissing or growling! It’s the strangest thing! If you’re small enough to crawl in there, you will. This table draws its inhabitants right in as if they haven’t a choice! Trust me, visiting dogs and tiny humans find their way in there every time! So if you’re small enough to get in there, but big enough to communicate, I need a favor. I would like to invite you over to come sit under my table and then explain the magic to me. If you aren’t small enough, but you’re willing to get in my table anyway, I will reward you by helping you get back out, taking your photo, and possibly honoring you with your own blog post.

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