Wheat thins and peanuts

Okay…just play along…
Peanut butter and >>>>>>jelly.
Macaroni and>>>>>>cheese.
Wheat thins and>>>>>>?????
I have no idea what you said for that last one, but I’m guessing it wasn’t “peanuts”!
First of all, let me say that I adore Southwest Airlines, but this snack has been the staple on my last several trips and it makes no sense to me.  Am I supposed to chew up the peanuts and make mouth-peanut peanut butter then quickly shove a couple crackers in my mouth to make a little sammie?  These are two very crunchy snacks and I guess need some variation in my snack textures. But, oh no, that isn’t where this brain stopped.  I started wondering about who chose this pairing.
Then I began thinking about another time in my life when odd food pairings were the norm. Our sorority chef was a little guy named George, who always smiled so big it looked as though his cheeks might burst. There was a reason for this as most of the time George was super stoned. On nights when George had indulged, we would be treated to things like tacos and french fries or chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes – things that clearly do not go together. To be fair, it really only happened on Fridays and we all knew what was going on, but sometimes I wonder what in the world our poor House Mom thought.
Needless to say, I didn’t starve in college and I definitely devoured both my wheat thins and peanuts on my flights.
But, here is the thought that has haunted me ever since:
Did George go on to work for Southwest?
PS-Funny afterthought….combine Wheat Thins and Peanuts and you get Whea-Nuts…”We nuts” because we serve Wheat Thins and Peanuts together. : ) Just kidding, Southwest! I have nothing but love for you!

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