I think I might’ve embarrassed my husband when we were at Seaworld. I actually played the duck pond game in the children’s area. You know why? You literally CANNOT LOSE! There are no “bad ducks”. Well, to be fair, there might be some bad ones in the group, I didn’t really get to know them enough to know if they were good or bad. But even if they were morally corrupt water fowl, every darn one would make its chooser a winner! I guess that would mean they weren’t all bad…they ARE making people happy.  Okay, enough with the duck character assessments. The fact is, I do not win things, especially if any kind of coordination or skill is required. I have never won things. I had to learn, early on, to be content with a whole lot of participation ribbons.  If they ever gave prizes for tripping over your cat and falling down the stairs (true story) or looking for your phone to text someone while you’re actually talking on it (also a true story), I would be buried in prizes like little goldfish in tiny bowls or `giant stuffed animals that smell like circus folk (Now that I think about it, neither of those things is appealing at all and I would not wish to be buried in them.)  But, alas, there are very few opportunities like that. But, if you ever hear of any, please tell me right away because I would love to participate. Think about this: As an adult, how often do you get the kind of odds that guarantee you will win? How about never?! I didn’t even care what kind of prize I’d get, I just loved the idea that I was going to win, no matter my skill level or what qualities I was bringing to the lovely water-filled table.  And I did win! I won a stuffed Elmo ball that I knew my grandson would adore and it didn’t look any different than the prizes at the “hard” games like the ring toss! For all anyone knew, I was a champion ring tosser! John says nobody thinks that much about other people and so probably no one was thinking about the exact game I’d played to win my prize or even thinking about me at all for that matter.  But that is how my broken little brain works and I’m going to believe that passersbv saw me as a real champion that day. We’ll keep the details between me and Elmo. #winning

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