Crazy beautiful 

My dog is true proof that even the most beautiful, elegant creatures have their quirks. Paisley is seriously more beautiful than most humans but she serves as a great reminder that nobody is truly flawless, despite what we see on social media. The truth is, she sometimes walks around holding her ear in her mouth. The ear goes on, and POOF! Magically she no longer looks regal, but crazy…in the most endearing way. She looks less like a show dog and more like my lap dog and companion. It’s  her “thing” and it seemingly makes her happy. (I say this because if you try to remove her ear from her jaws, she wil bite your face off.)  I try to remind myself that it is entirely likely that the people who come across as smooth and shiny have some pretty interesting quirks that we know nothing about.  It’s too bad they’re not posting pics like this one of Paisley because I think I’d like them more. Sometimes I avoid pictures because I don’t feel pretty any more but honestly, I should take a lesson from my dog and remember that my friends would much rather have me as their companion than their “show dog”.

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