Bubble Poodles


Part of the recovery process for people who were abused as children (crap…I said I was going to be more lighthearted in my writing…sorry!) is to allow themselves to be little.  This was a hard-sell for me at first and I resisted wholeheartedly.  It was firmly embedded in my brain that such behavior was time wasted that could be better spent cleaning something.  Well…I’m over that…bring on the fun!  Sometimes I don’t even realize that the little girl inside has come out to play until it is pointed out to me.  One night last week was just such an occasion.

As a little girl, I was not allowed to have bubble baths.  I would even hold the soap under the running water to try to get a few bubbles (trust me, it doesn’t work). So now guess what I do almost EVERY night?  You got it!  I take giant, glorious bubble baths!

John walked in as I was in the tub, holding very still, balancing blobs of bubbles upon each other.

John: What are you doing?

Me: Don’t breathe, I’m making bubble poodles.

John: You’re making what?

Me: Bubble poodles.  I figured out that if I’m very careful and hardly breathe, I can actually form poodles out of these bubbles.  I started out trying to make a snowman,  but he just kept falling over.  Poodles are easier.

John: As long as you’re having fun.

Me: Exactly!

I would’ve taken a picture of my bubble poodles, but that’s kinda weird considering I was in the tub with my fabulous poodles at the time.  I almost asked John to take a picture, but realized that was even more creepy, so you’re just going to have to imagine how spectacular they were and believe me, they were amazing!

You’re running the bath water right now, aren’t you? Enjoy!

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