Do you mean it?

A friend of mine just took his own life. It has thrown me for a loop. I think the worst part is thinking about his daughter who is close to the age I was when I lost my dad. But what keeps REALLY bothering me is that this world wants to shut you up if... Continue Reading →

Wise Words from Spin Class

This morning we had a substitute teaching our spin class. I was pretty sure I was going to like her from the moment she said we'd have all 80's music but it was something she said toward the end of class that hit me square between the eyes. We were on our last working song... Continue Reading →

Don’t Name Your Horse Too Quickly

Y'know how people tell you not to count your chickens before they hatch? Here's another piece of free advice: Don't name your horse before it turns sideways. I was admiring this gorgeous horse at the stables today. (I volunteer there because John isn't buying the "they're just big dogs" pitch.) I was actually  sitting in... Continue Reading →

The Gate is Open…RUN!

I saw this cute little meme and it soooo appealed to me.  For the last 6 months (or more) my life has felt like the gate was very much closed. SEVEN (yes 7!!!) hospitalizations since December 14th had nearly sucked all the funny out of me...but, alas, I feel the funny coming back.  I've been... Continue Reading →

There is No Hidden Play Doh

I have been searching for the hidden Play-Doh for a week now.  Every time I sit down in the family room, I get a huge whiff of it and I'm sure you know this is a distinct smell.  I have looked under the coffee table, reached into the couch cushions, and have even inspected my... Continue Reading →

I Need a Raccoon

(There's a song in my head..."I want a raccoon-potamus for Christmas. Only a raccoon-potamus will do!"  I know you're singing, it's okay.  I won't judge. I want a raccoon for Christmas. No....let me rephrase: I NEED a raccoon for Christmas.  I firmly believe that if this wish is granted, it might actually replace my anti-anxiety... Continue Reading →

Paging Doctor Gigi

I have just enough medical knowledge to be myself as well as everyone around me. Growing up around a family where literally everyone was a nurse, I was privy to many disturbing diagnostic discussions.  Now I even have a daughter who is a nurse!!  Given this background, I seriously think I should be awarded... Continue Reading →

Cats and Dogs 

Today was the first day of school and this is my 2nd grade class. Not even kidding. I have two cats and two dogs. Let me explain.   Years ago my good friend and teaching partner, Todd Bones, taught me something that has changed my perspective on people FOREVER. Here it is...are you ready? If you... Continue Reading →

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